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Wedding Photographers in Kent

Engagement Shoots

Engagement photography should be relaxed & fun.

Engagement sessions, or e-shoots as you might sometimes hear them called, are a really important element of our wedding packages. We offer these to all of our couples at no extra cost, whether you book a simple ceremony package or a whole day of photography coverage.


This exclusive photo-session will usually take place within the 6-month period leading up to your wedding day. As many wedding celebrations are planned months, often years in advance, this session is a special opportunity for us to meet again and get reacquainted with each other in person.


We spend approximately 1-2 hours with you in a pre-arranged location or your choice, where we will work to capture the two of you together in a relaxed and informal way. This is an excellent way of experiencing being photographed by a professional and helping you become acquainted with the way we like to work. 


We do this with a little direction, a few terrible jokes and the occasional tweak of your clothing to capture you both in the best way we know how. Although you might be surprised by how little direction you need in the company of your Bride or Groom-to-be! 

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