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French Elegance Styled Shoot at Secret Garden, Kent

When COVID-19 reared its ugly head, one way or another pieces of our lives were taken away in varying degrees of devastation and change; from our past, present and future; some big and some smaller than others, but all in their own way significant to each individual.

For my friend, Olivia one of these things taken from her was the prospect of being a bride this year. Not only that but finally being united with her best friend, Nathan whom she loves dearly more than anything in the world, and anyone who has had the pleasure of marrying their best friend, will know how much joy and excitement the planning of such an event can be.

As social distancing measures were becoming more relaxed in the UK, myself and a friend teamed up to organise a socially-distanced styled wedding-shoot which Olivia would feature in as the beautiful bride. We contacted a few suppliers and a beautiful local venue to help us pull together a vision for the shoot. We moved away from what we felt would be Olivia’s first choice of styling for her own wedding and went for something we felt was a little bit ‘extra.’

The theme we had hoped to recreate was based around the idea of French elegance with some Parisian influence in there too. We pinned colour schemes in blush pinks, creams, and even powder blues all with accents of vintage gold. We browsed for silk ribbons and lace (online of course), silk flowers and vintage props and to our amazement we somehow managed to pull the whole thing off, only informing Olivia of what she was being roped into a week before the shoot date.

I’ve been really excited to share this shoot with you in full and although it wasn’t the most elaborate or impressive wedding shoots in terms of scale, it was really special to all those involved. A huge thanks goes to those who helped make it happen, (full list of suppliers below) with a very special thanks to Janet who, not only made these stunning dresses by hand but also named one of them after our very own Olivia!



With special thanks to:

Venue: Secret Garden, Kent |

Dress(es): The Robing Room |

Real Flowers: Linda’s Florist (Ashford) |

Flower Hoop: Emily Heritage |

Crown/ Headpiece: Peacock & Pearl |

Hair: H&H Enterprises |

Make-up: Models own

Model: Olivia Joanne |

Stationery: B to Z Lettering |

Catering: Fierce Mango Fitness |

Gold Chair: The Quill Weddings |

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