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Wedding Photographers in Kent

Wedding Preparations

The morning of the wedding.

Your special day begins from the moment you open your eyes on the morning of your wedding. For your photographers, it should to! We spend the early hours of the day double checking our equipment, packing it and then repacking it just in case; eyeballing the daily weather forecast, checking traffic reports before loading up the car and making our way to your preparation venue. 


Bride & Groom preparation photos typically begin one – two hours before you expect to leave for the ceremony. We use this time to capture all the fine little details that go into your morning; from hair & makeup, to the flower girl putting on her shoes, the pinning on of the men’s buttonholes and the last champagne toast between friends and family before you head down the aisle to meet your beloved.  


We understand that not everyone is comfortable being photographed before their ceremony so we are conscious to give our Bride’s and Groom’s plenty of personal space and to be as unobtrusive as we possibly can. 


If you would prefer not to have preparation photographs, we offer smaller coverage packages and also the option to move the morning coverage to the evening to capture more of your reception. 

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